Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shattered Sneak Peek: Hibakusha: Secrets

Hibakusha: Secrets from Shattered
In this scene from SHATTERED, we re-meet: Ryan Suda (Power: Body produces steroid-grade epinephrine allowing him to access to the upper limits of human strength and endurance), Kat Nagano (Power: Psi ability to excite atoms within any object), and Daisuke “Dice” Kim (Power: Ability to manipulate any object’s density) in THE HIBAKUSHA: Secrets
Beautifully rendered by Sean Chen, Kat is meltin’ helmets while Dice stops a hail of bullets with a wave of his hand and Ryan kicks some serious tail (a baddie with 9 of ‘em no less!)
The Hibakusha from Secret Identities

But as you can see from their first outing in THE HIBAKUSHA from Volume 1, they weren’t very… experienced.  Drawn here by Glenn Urieta, Ryan is crumpled on the ground near-unconscious, as his blood vessels have constricted from too much adrenaline.  Dice has instinctively activated his density abilities only to sadly embed himself into the ground while Kat stands protectively over Ryan heating… the surrounding air.

So check out this story to see how they became so adept at using their abilities when SHATTERED: The Asian American Comics Anthology hits stores in Fall 2012!!