Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doughboy Needs Your Help!

Jason Lee, the founder of and one of Secret Identities' earliest supporters, is in the process of producing a short film called "Doughboy."

Doughboy, is a short film dark comedy about Felix, a superfan of Data (the Asian American kid from The Goonies), who decides to pursue his late father’s American Dream of making funnel cakes as easy to find as the hot dog. He designs and builds a mobile funnel cake-making suit inspired by Data and begins to sell them on the streets of Little Tokyo. It’s a million dollar idea, but there is one fatal flaw that he is forced to realize when he is confronted by a militant activist group protesting the name of his business: Data’s Funnel Cakes.

Check out the trailer below:

Unfortunately, Jason needs to raise some more money to get this project off the ground! This is where you come in. Just visit Doughboy's Kickstarter page and pledge to donate as little as $1 to help support a young Asian American filmmaker bring Doughboy to life. The world could use another Asian American hero. And more funnel cakes.


the cat from mars. said...


My name is Laura Wu, and I'm currently working with Theresa Loong on her documentary Every Day Is a Holiday and hoping you can help us reach out to your readers about our new KICKSTARTER campaign for the film. Filmmaker Theresa Loong engrosses the audience in the riveting, sometimes painful, stories of Paul Loong, as she herself explores a way to understand her father’s past. Every Day Is a Holiday is a touching film about one man’s journey from his native land Malaysia to a WWII Japanese War Camp and finally into the United States.

To watch the trailer and find out more:

Thanks for your time! Have a nice day :)


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