Sunday, February 8, 2009

Secret Identities @ NYCC

We made our official debut Saturday at New York Comic Con, and it was a blast! Our panel, moderated by the incomparable Anne Ishii, was a resounding success. Not only did we play to an SRO crowd (folks were literally spilling out into the hallway!), but a lot of us got to meet SI contributors in person for the first time. Check out some of the photos from NYCC (click on the thumbnails below to see the hi-rez pics):

Ladies and gentlemen, your Secret Identities crew! Back row l to r: Anne Ishii (panel moderator), Jimmy Aquino (writer, "Sampler"), Greg Pak (writer, "The Citizen"), Ken Wong (writer, "Justified"), Jonathan Tsuei (writer, "9066"), Tak Toyoshima (writer/artist, "S.A.M. Meets Larry Hama"), Bernard Chang (artist, "The Citizen"), Larry Hama (Legendary). Front row l to r: Keith Chow (Editor-at-Large), Jeff Yang (Editor-in-Chief), Sarah Sapang (artist, "16 Miles"), Jef Castro (artist, "Peril"), Alexander Tarampi (artist, "Gaman").

This pic, taken ten minutes before the panel started, doesn't do the audience turnout justice. Once we got started, there wasn't an empty seat (or empty spot on the back wall) in the room!

Kickin' it at the Epic Props booth.

Look! Up at the Con! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Jeff and Keith with the Asian American Superman! Props to Bryan Nguyen (who's even rockin' the Dean Cain costume, no less!)

Larry Hama and Tak Toyoshima wanted to reenact a scene from "S.A.M. Meets Larry Hama," but the lovely Kang Suh waitress was pouring everyone glasses of OB and soju; so obviously, our priorities were elsewhere.

"Kampai!" Left to right: Larry Hama, Tak Toyoshima, Cliff Chiang, Jenny Lee, Jeff Yang, and Keith Chow.

Yes, we're posing in front of a giant acupuncture and herbs billboard.


bryan said...

Thank you Keith! I enjoyed meeting you and promoting your book.

Bryan - Asian Superman

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