Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Link Round-Up

Though New York Comic Con is firmly in the rear view mirror, that doesn't mean people aren't still blogging about it! So, since we're all Secret Identities, all the time, let's see what folks around the Internets are saying about our time in New York:
  • First off, our very own Jimmy Aquino ("Sampler") made it all the way from California to be with us in New York. While there, he even met the other Jimmy Aquino, and, miraculously, the multiverse didn't implode!
  • We were fortunate enough to meet Mia from, and she had plenty of kind words to say post-panel. Don't believe me? Well, Mia reiterates many of those kind words on her blog, too.
  • Jonathan at Elmcitytree stopped by our panel on Saturday and gives some of his thoughts on it and where Asian Americans stand in the issue of race in America. Plus, he poses a very thought-provoking question that I actually wish he brought up at the panel!
  • Another photo, for which you'll have to get your scrolling on, features the whole SI crew (at least those of us who made it to the panel) and is available at Publisher's Weekly Comics Week. If it looks familiar, it's because it was taken at the same time as this one.
  • Finally, Chelsea over at Wednesday's Child shared some of her thoughts about the Multicultural Mask panel moderated by Jeff Yang.

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