Friday, May 15, 2009

Linky Love: Status Quoted

So call it a logroll if you want, but having just discovered the new virtual digs of former Vertical Inc. publicitrix-slash-blogger Anne Ishii, I feel compelled to reveal them to the world—not least because a.) She was gracious enough to moderate our standing-room-only panel at this year's New York Comic Con, b.) She is ridiculously cool, and with the world headed for global-warming-induced meltdown, one needs all the cool one can get, and c.) Her latest blogpost at "Status Quoted," the Asian American culture 'n' stuff blog of L.A.-based ad agency InterTrend, is about Secret Identities. And hell, isn't crypto-incestuous connectivity what the internetworkz are all about anyway? Oh yes: She also has a must-read personal blog, though it's likely to be updated with less regularity (though, we're sure, no less wit and sass) given her new InterTrending gig.

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