Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Heores Have Always Been Poets

Why are there so many posts on this blog?! I think our post count in March is going to exceed the entire output for 2008. It's like our book's coming out in a month, or something (in stores April 15!)

Anyway, Jerry, Parry and Jeff have already spread the ECAASU love, so let me pile on. Much love to the whole crew at Rutgers, but especially Fiona, Nilam, Caspar, Laurence, Chane, and Dave the Bodyguard(!) for treating us like rock stars the whole time. We sold a ton of bookplates and met a ton more awesome people. Thanks for the love and support you showed Secret Identities all weekend, and double thanks for pretending to know who the rest of us were when everyone else was making a beeline for Parry!

Also, big ups to Bao Phi, Giles Li and Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai for murdering the stage Saturday night. You guys were straight butter, baby! Seriously. (Thanks to Bao for the backstage photos).

mmm.... butter....

Check out more photos of the SI crew representing at ECAASU after the jump.
Chatting with Nilam and Laurence at our workshop. In the BG, Dave shows he's not just a bodyguard, he's a cameraman too!

Chillin' with Bao and Giles backstage before our keynote.

Kelly and Parry backstage

With the Angry Asian Man himself!

Jerry, dog-tired after sketching on bookplates till 2 in the morning. Oh yeah, and vodka shots.