Monday, March 9, 2009

PREVIEW: "The Blue Scorpion & Chung" - Video 4 of 8 , Now with Bonus Features!

"The Blue Scorpion & Chung" can be found on Page 63 of SECRET IDENTITIES: The Asian American Superhero Anthology.

National Book Finalist writer Gene Yang (American Born Chinese) and artist Sonny Liew (Liquid City) explore the "second-banana/manservant/sidekick" relationship inspired by the 1960's "Green Hornet & Kato" dynamic -- which has been ingrained into our pop culture zeitgeist ever since.

"... a standout longer contribution is Gene Yang and Sonny Liew's 'The Blue Scorpion and Chung'.."
- BOOKLIST, Ray Olson

To pass the link, find the video on YouTube here.

The end credits also include our current slate of S.I. tour stops. It's already a pretty darn long impressive scroll -- I can't believe that we're actually handling this stuff on our own.

Then at the last minute, I wanted to add an unscripted line into the piece before layering in the music, background noises and grabbed a camera to document the whole crazy process of these videos and can be seen below.

I think I have a disease -- I can't STOP making videos, even when I don't have to!

Anyway, I just started watching "Celebrity Apprentice" and basically decided to start DVR-ing it to crib ideas because the stuff they do on the show, is basically a strange parallel in what we're doing -- hustling for promotional ideas, making banners, calling in favors, drumming up attention for the product, setting up the tour, etc. And what was tonight's task for the celebs?


Now come on, man. That's just plain weird.

And finally, this weekend got to see SI contrib, Jamie Ford (Pg 37 - GAMAN) when his book tour for Hotel On The Corner of Bitter and Sweet swung through Cali!

The book is doing really well and already on its 4th printing!

Just goes to show how many talented guys and gals are in the pages of this anthology.

Wow, if we got even a smidgen of the success that Bitter and Sweet has seen...